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Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy was last updated on January 1, 2015


Locations we Ship

We currently ship to all locations in the the United States of America served by the United States Postal Service.

We will not ship to PO Boxes.


Shipping Methods

Our shipping methods are based on two primary rate structures to give you flexibility in cost and turn-around

  • Standard method - Five to eight business day shipping rates (best value)
  • Priority method - Two-business day priority flat rates (This will be avaialable on March 1, 2015)

We also offer free five to eight day shipping for orders $30.00 and higher.

Weekends and national holidays will affect your shipment timing.


Shipping Costs

Our actual shipping costs are derived from actual USPS shipping costs plus a small handling fee incurred from our order fulfillment provider/distributer.


Special Shipping Arrangements

Special arrangments for shipping may be made if you do not fit the criteria above. Other options are not readily available in the store checkout process. Please contact us if you would like (or need) to make special arrangements for shipping. We will try to accomodate whenever possible. We are limited by law in some cases to ship to certain destinations or via some shipping merchants.






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