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Concept 1 - Togetherness

"What is Your Togetherness Ratio?" c1-togetherness.jpg


Tandem cycling is all about togetherness and oneness. It is two riders on one bicycle frame; riding together in perfect harmony and not riding alone.

It is important to make each other a priority, sharing life together like a couple riding a tandem would. But we, as couples, need more than each other to fully round out our lives. We must also incorporate others to provide the encouragement, hope, wisdom and experience we will need to navigate through life and marriage.

We encourage you to consider how you use your time intentionally to ensure you are getting ‘together time’ with all of the right people. Our Togetherness Ratio is a way to look at how to properly balance your life across five key relationship groups, spending time;

• Together with God

• Together with your Spouse

• Together with your family and extended family

• Together with key couples

• Together with friends

We are told in the Bible;

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

- Proverbs 27:17

Therefore, other people are your tools to keep yourselves sharp; so pick your friends wisely and plan time together with them, knowing also, that you exist in these relationships to sharpen others too!

One of the problems we face in marriage is that we tend to start messing up our priorities. We reduce the priority of togetherness and increase the priority of responsibilities. This creates a separation from togetherness, and over time, can leave you feeling seriously bankrupt as a couple.

It’s ironic that some of the loneliest people in the world are actually married.

Togetherness can’t survive unless you plan for it to do so. If you don’t plan your togetherness, life’s responsibilities and duties will take over.

We believe that a couple’s success and chance for survival can be found and maintained through the togetherness concept of Living in Tandem. By living and working closely together in life, sharing as many areas as possible, you can enhance your united purpose.


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