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Concept 4 - That Seat is Mine!

"Setting Boundaries for Outside Relationships" 


“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

- Matthew 26:41


​Your tandem partner is your one and only partner. One couple, on one tandem, until death do you part. We are to work whole-heartedly preserving our marriage bond and living out the covenant of marriage we entered. We should not let anything succeed in tempting us to stray away.

​Our society, of course, is diluting this message all the time. Every year that passes, our society seems to lose ground on the extreme value of fulfilling our marriage vow to the very end. ​When you look at your marriage tandem and say, “That seat is mine”, it would be even better if you said to your spouse, “This seat is yours, and only yours.”

​If you want to improve your marriage survival ability, you have to take intentional steps like that to protect it. You must Live in Tandem to keep your marriage fresh and fulfilling. If you walk out the door weak and discouraged in marriage every day, you are open for the hunting.

​Let’s make victory occur in our marriages by positioning ourselves in safer circumstances including; dealing with our pride in relationships, respecting our marriage by setting boundaries, and transparently using social media, and the internet.


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