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Concept 5 - You Can't Pedal all the Time

"Restful Days Make for a Peaceful Life" 



Rest is an important part of tandem riding. It is required for a number of reasons including physical healing, emotional wellness and the strengthening of your spirit. If you ignore one of these rest moments, the ride can become more difficult.

​Usually, it’s an easy fix. You simply get off the bike, sit down, and eat and drink the right foods and beverages and you are good to go in a matter of minutes. If you ignore it too long, however, you could end up in the worst place an endurance athlete could find themselves; the bonk.

​Bonking describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen or energy stores in the liver and muscles. This manifests itself by complete fatigue and loss of energy. There is no more gas left in your tank and you can no longer perform. You are done!

​Think about your marriage for a moment and consider your tiredness, emotional state and the amount of spirit there is behind your drive. As you talk to most couples and ask how they are these days, they will typically say, “We are so busy,” or “We are so tired.”

​We see many couples running this way every week. They run hard, driving bed to bed busy everyday. On the weekends, when there is supposed to be downtime, they are spending it out of town with their children at activities, or at a minimum, doing all the chores they neglected during the week.

​The Bible mentions both God and Jesus rested. So in a world where both God and Jesus rested, we need to learn from their ways to plan rest for ourselves. Everyday life can be hard and if you string them together months at a time it leaves you facing great fatigue and limited spirit to fight back.

​To do this, you need to learn to pace yourself. You need rest so you don’t bonk and burn out and lose the desire to fight for your family and marriage anymore.

​But the irony here is; if you want rest, you have to work for it.

​Therefore, you must plan for rest to happen, or it won’t.

​When is your time to rest?


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