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Index of the 11 Concepts

The Eleven Key Concepts outlined below, which make up the Tandem Metaphor, identify key areas of your marriage that can be enhanced simply by following the habits of a tandem riding team.

Our book, Living in Tandem - Working Together on a Forever Marriage, packages these themes together making it a great self study, small group, or classroom guide.

First, there is an introduction of the tandem metaphor, followed by eleven individual chapters, that allow you segment the learning and go at your own pace.

  • As a self study, you can focus on one concept at a time and give yourself time to reflect on your marriage.
  • As a group, you study one concept at a time over twelve weeks or more aggressively in six or fewer weeks. Whichever you choose, it is easy to break out the material.

Pick on the concepts below and learn more about how you can open your marriage for growth and improvement!


tandem-button.png  Concept 1 - Togetherness

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 2 - Teamwork

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 3 - Who is Steering This Thing Anyway?

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 4 - That Seat is Mine!

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 5 - You Can’t Pedal all of the Time

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 6 - Create a Training Plan

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 7 - Stop Riding Alone

tandem-button.png  Concept 8 - Headwinds, Tailwinds, Uphills and Downhills

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 9 - Are You There?

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 10 - Creating Adventure in Your Marriage

​​tandem-button.png  Concept 11 - Your Maintenance Program Will Keep it all Together



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