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Pricing Policy

Our Pricing Policy was last updated on January 1, 2015

At Living in Tandem, LLC, we strive to ensure all prices, discounts and temporary price reductions are clearly displayed with the product listing, or through the purchase process.  If you ever have a question, contact us and share your concern. We desire to be as clear as possible with our commnication especially when it relates to your money!

We do offer special promotions, coupon codes and other incentives throughout the year. These saving options can be conveyed to you though one or more of the following means.

Website: www.livingintandem.org is our home base. Check frequently for special banner updates.

Email: Subscribe to our newsletter/newsfeed through our website to get periodic updates and special offers

Blog: Follow our blog, share it with friends, and watch for important marriage related topics to drive a special purchase program.

Social media Facebook:  www.facebook.com/livingintandem is a great place to get frequent updates about us, where we are headed and special promotional campaigns. "Like" us and have it scroll on your newsfeed!

Social media LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/living-in-tandem is a business and career focused outlet for Living in Tandem. "Follow" us for periodic updates.

How you connect with us and engage all of our medium will help you stay as current as possible!




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